Leslie Forsberg

Writer · Editor · Author

Compelling storytelling is emotional, surprising, beautiful.

As a writer for magazines for more than 20 years, I am a master storyteller. My stories dive deep beneath the surface to illuminate the true essence of place, the people behind the scenes, the meaning behind a topic.

As a seasoned, award-winning writer and editor based in Seattle, I specialize in travel writing, with a focus on unique cultures and natural wonders. My stories have appeared in Alaska Beyond magazine, American Way  (American Airlines), Sunset, AAA Journey, AAA Westways, AAA Via, AAA World and other print and online publications. The recipient of multiple Society of Professional Journalist awards, I am the author of two books, including a Michelin guide to the Pacific Northwest. On the editorial side, I was a long-time managing editor of Alaska Airlines Magazine, as well as the editor of  
Journey, Go World Travel and Sea Kayaker magazines.  

Award Winning Stories


Time Travel

Genealogy enthusiasts trace their roots to distant places, expanding their sense of family. SPJ Award Winner

Alaska Airlines Magazine, December 2012

Fragile Beauty

Scientists and communities work together to help preserve butterflies and their habitats SPJ Award Winner

Alaska Airlines Magazine, May 2011

Playing in Ashland

A mother-daughter road trip reveals why this Oregon town makes a perfect summer destination. First-Place SPJ Award Winner

AAA Journey, May 2010

Olympic Peninsula Loop

With lush forests, waterfalls and sandy shores, this drive is a nature lover’s paradise. 

Country Magazine, November 2020

Blue Hawaii

Deep dives, fun floats and uniquely exciting water adventures in the islands

AAA Journey, November 2019


Arts and attractions rise to new heights in B'ham

AAA Journey, November 2019

Scavenger Hunt

Stalking 'shrooms in the Quinault Rainforest

AAA Journey, September 2019

Bumper Crops

Fall harvest drives offer delightful surprises

AAA Journey, September 2019

Tulip Festival

Top things to see and do on your visit to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

AAA Journey, March 2019

The Joys of Discovery

A memorable cruise opens the door to exploration in Southern Europe and Morocco

AAA Journey, January 2019

3 Days in LA

A revitalized downtown plays a starring role in a Southern California getaway

AAA Journey, November 2018

A River’s Renewal

The free-again Elwha adds to the vitality of the North Olympic Peninsula.

AAA Journey, September 2018

On Caribbean Time

Cruise-ship comforts enhance the islands’ warmth and friendly charms

AAA Journey, January 2018

Storybook Settings

A cruise on the Rhine, Maine and Moselle reveals centuries of German tradition

AAA Journey, January 2017

Spectacular Stockholm

Scandinavian culture thrives amid stunning natural beauty

AAA Journey, January 2016

A Passage to Independence

A mother-daughter trip to Europe helps pave the way to adulthood

AAA Journey, May 2016

A Yellowstone Road Trip

The national park and its surroundings shine in autumn’s glow

AAA Journey, September 2015

Hawaii Weddings & Honeymoons

A ceremony in the Islands is a happy marriage of marvelous locations and expert wedding services.

Alaska Airlines Magazine, February 2015

The Life of Pie

A comfort food gains gourmet cache

Alaska Airlines Magazine, August 2014

Foods for Thought

Food festivals dish up culinary celebration

Alaska Airlines Magazine, July 2014

Returning to the Wild

Endangered species are finding new hope in old habitats

Alaska Airlines Magazine, May 2014

Flying Jewels

Hummingbirds Are New World Treasures

Alaska Airlines Magazine, August 2013

Natural Treasures

Discovering Costa Rica’s Ecological Wonders

Alaska Airlines Magazine, March 2013

Iceland Delights

Adventure takes many shapes in this land of geysers, glaciers and epic lore

AAA Journey, July 2012

Parks Place

The Hawaiian Islands Offer a Wide Variety of Natural Treasures

Alaska Airlines Magazine, October 2011

Naturally Norwegian

Oslo Features Viking Artifacts, Contemporary Art and Year-Round Sports

Alaska Airlines Magazine, June 2010