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What People Are Saying

Leslie’s writing is elegant, beautiful … she truly is a master of words, and almost like a songwriter when she puts them together. She so concisely constructs a clear visual picture in the reader’s head, it almost transports them to the spot she’s writing about. I feel like her words are ever-so-gently chosen, and then delicately pressed and formed together into what becomes a stunning sculpture.


Editor, AAA Journey

Leslie is very skilled as a writer and editor. She was an integral part of our editing team, and we could always depend on her to get the work done in an efficient and expert manner. She was especially good at working with our writers. I highly recommend Leslie!


Publisher, Go World Travel Magazine


Leslie is a fantastic editor, and her attention to detail raised the overall quality of my online magazine. We knew that anything coming from her desk would be accurate, on time and up to the high standards she set for the magazine. Through a writing workshop she led and everyday correspondence I learned a great deal from Leslie, whose good attitude made learning (and working for her) very easy.



Assistant Editor, Go World Travel Magazine

I LOVE Leslie’s stories! She is way on deadline and her stories are well-written and fun, entertaining and informative.


Editor, Home & Away

Thanks to Leslie Forsberg for the enticing travel article about Stockholm, one of the best written articles I’ve read. I have been reading various travel magazines for forty plus years. In the past Sweden was very low on my travel destinations. She made the city real to me and now I hope to travel there.


AAA Member

Leslie’s recommendations and vision helped shape my book into a complete and thorough final product. She is detail-oriented, organized and has an excellent concept of the big picture from the beginning. Leslie’s approach is kind, yet precise and direct, and she was skillful at coaxing creativity, personality and details out of me.


(First-Time Author)

Leslie is a skilled and attentive writer and editor who places a priority on creating well-crafted articles, meeting deadlines and maintaining open and positive channels of communication. Her top qualities: great results, on-time, creative.


Assistant Editor, Alaska Beyond

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