Leslie Forsberg
Senior Editor at Journey Magazine
"Your writing is elegant, beautiful ... you truly are a master of words, and almost like a songwriter when you put them together. Unlike most writers, who just clump together a bunch of adjectives hoping the audience will get the picture, you so precisely construct a clear visual picture in the reader's head, it almost transports them to the spot you are writing about. When I read what you've written, I feel like I've read words ever-so-gently chosen, and then delicately pressed and formed together into what becomes a stunning sculpture." 
Nicole Meoli, Former Editor
Journey Magazine
As Senior Editor at Journey Magazine, I have the opportunity to indulge in my passions while writing and editing stories about the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii and Europe, with a focus on Scandinavia. I also write regularly about farming and real foods, with a focus on baking. 

What excites me? Adventures. I've Nordic skied in the moonlight in trackless wilderness; pitched over a waterfall in a raft; danced in a Swedish barn at midsummer; paddled a kayak in gale-force winds; hiked through butterfly flurries in wildflower meadows; fallen down a hillside escaping an imposing bovine in the Alps; felt fish nibble my toes deep in a watery cave on the Caribbean island of Bonaire; been dragged by a racing dog-sled team in Arctic Norway; and trekked in search of long-forgotten stone circles in the British Isles...in the aftermath of a hurricane. All grand adventures, but for me, all of life is a grand adventure if you just open your eyes to what's around you.

Prior to my current position, I was the managing editor at Alaska Airlines Magazine for many years, and the executive editor of Sea Kayaker Magazine. I've also done contract editing for a broad range of clients, including print and online magazines and books. 

Published in Alaska Airlines Magazine, WestwaysSunsetGoing Places, Horizon Air Magazine, Journey, Home and Away, Seattle Bride, Journey, Texas Journey, Traveler, Via and Washington Meeting Planner. My writing credits also include Michelin Travel GuidesAOL Travel and MapQuest.

Michelin Must-Sees Pacific Northwest (2013; sole author)
Wanderlust and Lipstick: Traveling with Kids (2009; co-author)
My Michelin Moment

Paris-based Michelin guidebooks are the industry gold standard. I'm the author of Michelin Must-Sees Pacific Northwest

SPJ Awards

3rd Place
"Time Travel"
Alaska Airlines Magazine

1st Place
"Fragile Beauty"
Alaska Airlines Magazine

3rd Place
 "Playing in Ashland"
Journey Magazine