Leslie Forsberg
Independent Writer & Editor
"Your writing is elegant, beautiful ... you truly are a master of words, and almost like a songwriter when you put them together. Unlike most writers, who just clump together a bunch of adjectives hoping the audience will get the picture, you so precisely construct a clear visual picture in the reader's head, it almost transports them to the spot you are writing about. When I read what you've written, I feel like I've read words ever-so-gently chosen, and then delicately pressed and formed together into what becomes a stunning sculpture." 
Nicole Meoli, Former Editor
Journey Magazine
An award-winning independent writer, editor and author,
I am a seeker of adventures and a seasoned storyteller, a sculptor of words that reach out through the page to elicit an emotion or impel a reader to action. I use all the senses, and illuminate my stories with a sense of place.

My specialties? Fresh adventures, slow foods and the natural world

What excites me? I've Nordic skied in the moonlight in trackless wilderness; pitched over a waterfall in a raft; danced in a Swedish barn at midsummer; paddled a kayak in gale-force winds; hiked through butterfly flurries in wildflower meadows; fallen down a hillside escaping an imposing bovine in the Alps; felt fish nibble my toes in a pitch-black cave in Bonaire; been dragged by a racing dog-sled team in Arctic Norway; and trekked in search of long-forgotten stone circles in the British Isles...in the aftermath of a hurricane. All grand adventures, but the grandest is whatever is next.

I am published in a broad array of magazines, including Alaska Airlines Magazine, SunsetThe New York TimesWestways, Journey, Home & AwayTexas Journey, Going Places, Traveler, Via, Horizon Air Magazine and Seattle Bride. My writing credits also include Michelin GuidesAOL TravelMapQuest, and Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma and Washington visitors' guides.  

Michelin Must-Sees Pacific Northwest (2013)
Wanderlust and Lipstick: Traveling with Kids (2009)

Contributing Editor, AOL Travel (2014)
Editor in Chief, Clipper Vacations and Coho magazines (2012-2013)
Editor in Chief, Compass magazine (Washington State Ferries; 2012) 
Development Editor, The Essential Guide for Women Traveling Solo (2007)
Managing Editor, Alaska Airlines Magazine (2001-2005)
Executive Editor, Sea Kayaker Magazine (1997-2000)

My Michelin Moment

Paris-based Michelin guidebooks are the industry gold standard. I'm the author of Michelin Must-Sees Pacific Northwest


3rd Place
"Time Travel"
Alaska Airlines Magazine

1st Place
"Fragile Beauty"
Alaska Airlines Magazine

3rd Place
 "Playing in Ashland"
Journey Magazine